Our Bread

The art of bread making is something that does not come easily to everyone. Besides the techniques of making a dough and putting it in an oven, it comes down to a thorough understanding of the chemistry and reactions of the ingredients you use. 

Our head chef and owner, Keiran,  honed his skills over more than 20 years of baking which reflects in the quality and taste of our bread. 

Meet our famous 72 hour Sourdough

 Using our 14 year old starter, made from organic grapes, we bake this bread on a daily basis however the actual process of mixing, proofing, shaping and baking takes 72 hours. Yes, we could speed it up a bit if we wanted to, but that 72 hour process has such benefits. It breaks down the gluten further  making it more easily digestible and the beautiful fermentation gives it a full and rich flavour.


Alongside our sourdough we also have our standard range of loaves available on a daily basis: 

 Rye & Cocoa Sourdough


A Sourdough made with rye flour and cocoa. No, it does not taste like chocolate but it does leave a lovely cocoa aftertaste .


Fruit & Nut Sourdough


Fruit & Nut

Our fruit & nut Sourdough is made with a combination of cranberries,dates, cinnamon, apricot, pepitas and walnuts.


White Loaf & 7 Seed Loaf

White loaf and 7 seed loaf

If you like your morning toast, we’ve got you covered with our tin loaves. Think of it as pimped up toast. Spongy, light white loaf or if you prefer, go for the 7 seed one stuffed full of grains and crunchy bits. 




Of course we would not be a bakery if we did not offer a traditional French stick or as the French call it a baguette. The perfect accompaniment for literally every meal.